The Amazing Door Mats to Keep Dirt Out


Seasonally changing up the dcor of your home will infuse it with new energy. But this does not mean that you have to decorate elaborately or take up heavy renovations. There are simple and fun things that you can do instead which give the interiors of your home a different look. For instance, pick a windy area of your home to hang up a wind chime to bring soft musical chords to your ears. Another tip is to change out your sheer curtains for light

cancelling ones in the summer to keep the rooms cooler.

Spreading new bedsheets along with placing a bunch of tastefully coordinated flower bouquets by the bedside table will do the trick. Besides all this, the floors of your home also play a role when you bring floor mats into the picture. Starting with the door mat at your main entrance, choose a functional one that you feel represents your family. Door mats are practical and a must-have for every home, so it makes sense to get creative with how you incorporate them. Read on to know about the various kinds to choose




Just as rubber car floor mats are great for your vehicles, your home needs

them too. Take a look at the types available for your home.

Carpet Material

This is a very commonly found kind of mat which is made from many fabrics. But what distinguishes it from the others is its relatively bigger size. It is best used under a coffee table to protect the flooring. You can either have a complementing or contracting shade which will make a statement in your

rooms dcor.

Coir and Rubber Material

If you need floor mats to be used for standing under the shower or in the bath tub then these is the best option. They are completely skid proof so if you have elderly people or kids in your household, getting a couple of these will

These types of rubber floor mats are the best for outside the main door of your home. The coir will take away mud or dirt from the soles of those walking in, while the rubber will keep such floor mats in place. They are highly durable

and can be found with text or fun images on them.

PVC Material

come in handy for sure as they prevent accidents.

Polyester Material

Nobody likes to find wet footprints all over the bathroom floor or the house after a bath. But not to worry, because these ultra-soft floor mats have your back and all you need to do is place it near your bath area or outside your

tub. The underside of these mats is skid-proof while the upper part absorbs

moisture from your feet completely.



We have a vast collection of mats and here is a glance at just some of the

brands you can choose from.

Saral Home

This is a brand of high repute with a fun offering of various mats and floor runners. They have cartooned printed, colourful ones for kids that will

Your search for the perfect anti-skid mat for your bathroom or skin area will end after you see these. The shade and patterns are neutral as well as

particularly attract the younger ones.

Portico New York

classic which will suit any kind of dcor.


Whether you want a printed or plain floor runner, this brand has it all. The prints vary from geometric, abstract, floral to more so these is plenty of choice

for your bedroom or living area.

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