Frequently Asked Questions:


  • I 'm nervous about products being shipped.  What preventative measures are you taking?
All of our products are shipped locally.  Rest assured, we have already put preventative measures in place to ensure all of our products are being handled safely, hygienically, and our staff have been trained on updated safety protocols.
  • What is a Miracle Mat?
    The Miracle Mat is one of the most amazing products of our time!  Made from cotton and microfiber its very absorbent, vulcanized, (or baked like a cake) into a virgin rubber backing it has a non slip grip, will last for years, is washable and practically indestructible.  Check out exactly what is here
  • Will it pick up dry debris?
    Yes, like a magnet! Including sand, leaves, pine needles...

  • Will it work wet?
    Yes! It will work wet OR dry
  • Will it slide on the floor?

    No, it has a non slip grip on the back

  • Will it bunch under the door?

    No, it has a low profile

  • Can you wash it?
    Yes! Warm or cold water cycle

  • Can you dry it?
    Yes! You can tumble dry on low, or let air dry

  • Are there glues or adhesives?
    No, cotton is vulcanized into the backing

  • Why does the mat not work great new?
    It must be washed before use to remove the guard

  • What is the composition?
    65% cotton 35% microfibre, cotton for absorbing and microfibre for cleaning

  • Is loss of cotton normal?
    Yes, we pack the mat with absorbent cotton, it will take a few washes before loss of cotton ceases

  • What type of detergent should be used?
    Whatever you currently used for your cotton towels

  • What is the difference between bordered and not bordered mats?
    Bordered mats are typically for commercial and non bordered are for home use.

  • My mat hasn't arrived and I would like to know where it is? 
  • Check your inbox for tracking details and tracking number that can be tracked at www.usps.com shipping should take 2 to 7 business days.  Medium sized mats do are sent small packet air and do not have tracking available.  Feel free to email or call us direct anytime info@miraclemat.com or 1 (778) 318 6683


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