A Clean Home with a Pet – Possible!

Yes, it is possible that you have a clean home, even if you are a pet owner. Giving your dog a bath is one of the most effective methods to keep it smelling and looking great along with your home being less of a mess. Long-haired puppies, in particular, take advantage of a comprehensive cleaning at least once every month.

Here are a few tips on how best to bathe your puppy with not turning into a wet, soapy struggle.

1. Stay indoors, soon after the bath

Once you have given a bath to your pet don't let it go outside for several hours after a bath. Otherwise you run the risk of it rolling in the dirt and grass to dry off, essentially ruining all your hard work. Place good mud rug for dogs outside, as well inside your house so you can keep your house clean.  

2. Be gentle, don’t wrestle

Don’t be forceful with your pet when you take them for a bath. Let them adapt gradually to the idea of a bath by putting it in the bathtub when it's dry and then giving the dog a treat when it calms down. Repeat the process several times before your dog is totally comfortable sitting or standing at the tub. After that, follow the exact same process with the addition of a little warm water into the bottom of the tub. Keep praising and giving treats when your puppy is calm. You would like bathroom time to get fun for your dog. Be patient.

3. Brush them before you bath them

Before you provide your dog a bath, make sure to thoroughly brush your pet's coat to remove any tangles which may get worse after it is moist. Also, cleaning your dog before a bath can also help remove loose hair that may clog your drain.

4. Choose the right bathing tub and accessories

Always use a bathtub that's big enough for your dog and offers solid footing. And be sure there is a rubber mat on the bottom of your bathtub to keep your pet from slipping and eventually become hurt.

5. Gently soak and wash

Pour some warm water and wet your dog and apply a shampoo made especially for dogs and not for humans. Use a handheld shower to gently exfoliate your pet's jacket. Avoid spraying on your dog with water in the face. Use a wet washcloth around your dog's eyes and nose. Then, use your fingers to massage the shampoo through the whole coat.

6. Use a conditioner

After shampooing, follow it by apply a conditioner designed for dogs. Conditioner is not required if your dog has a short-haired coat. There many dog conditioners in the market that can help prevent future tangles and will keep the coat moisturized.

7. Multiple rinsing is required

After applying the conditioner to the whole coat, rinse multiple times to eliminate all traces of the shampoo and conditioner before you dry your pet. Traces of soap and conditioner left on your pet will dry its skin.

8. The shake is inevitable, buy a good doormat

No matter how much you dry your dog, it will still want to roll around on the doormat to dry itself. So, be sure you have the best quality door mats for dogs in your room if it decides to shake away excess moisture.  

Bathe your dog but having door mats for dogs will help you keep your home spic and span at all times. The Miracle Mat is the answer to all your woes.   

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