6 Tips to keep your house clean with Pets around

There is good news for you if you share your home with a furry friend; according to studies you're probably happier and healthier. However, the bad news is that your house quite possibly isn't clean enough.

But have no fear! We've assembled some very easy, tried and tested tips to keep your pet-friendly home feeling clean and fresh:

1. Buy good doormat for dog paws
Keep doormats for dogs by the door that your pets use. So, you’ll be more likely to remember to wipe off muddy, wet paws and claws before your beloved pet makes unsightly tracks through the whole house. Miracle Mat is not an ordinary mat. This unbelievable doormat actually stops 95% or more of the mud and dirt the moment it is walked on! Miracle Mat is your response to clean floors. No more kid footprints or dog paw prints tracking through your house because Miracle Mat stops the mess in their tracks.

2. Keep your pets clean
If your dog looks like he’s had a mud bath after every walk, then it's time to set up a pet grooming schedule. It’s apparent, but dirt removed during a grooming session is dirt not lying around the house. While you must not use pet shampoo too often, a quick wash down with plain water can make a world of difference. Try confining your damp pet to one area, preferably with an easy to clean floor. Better yet, thoroughly dry them afterward. However, from time to time you'll need to bath them with pet shampoo.

3. Buy a good vacuum cleaner
To pull out pet hair out of your rugs and carpets, nothing beats your vacuum cleaner.
If you are an animal lover have several pets that shed fur a lot, it could be worth considering a vacuum cleaner which has been specially designed to clean up fur. Typically such machines have greater suction power for sucking up fur and special filters for trapping latent allergens. Vacuum clean the mudroom rug too, it will have lot of pet hair stuck on it.

4. Clean you furniture with damp sponge or cloth
The miracle way to clean pet hair from furniture and other surfaces is not to dry dust but to wipe with a damp sponge or cloth. The hair will gather in clumps, and stick onto the sponge. Another exceptional substitute is to lightly-dampen a rubber glove, rub it quickly back and forth. It will pick up bundles of hair.

5. Regularly clean your pet's things
Clean regular pet beds, toys and even leads because they pick up that strong dog odour very quickly. Before purchasing any toy or other goodies, check if they are machine washable, otherwise, you can wash by hand in the sink. Save the washing task for days when the sun is shining bright. For better results and allow them to dry outside where the sun will help kill bad odours.

6. Air your house
Does your home stink of stubborn pet smells, which is affecting the energy in your home? During spring season you can open your windows and let some fresh air in. Try keeping the windows and doors open even during winter months, a 10 minute blast of fresh air works wonders at deodorising.

If you provide your pets with easy access to the garden area, they will bring plenty of dust and grime in on its coat and paws. To keep your dogs and cats clean, take preventative measures when you know they have got especially dirty, will reduce the amount of dirt they can bring into your house. Contact Miracle Mat for the best doormat for dogs to keep your home spick and span throughout the day.

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