Why does your floor need a Miracle Mat?

On a crisp cold day, there is nothing better than a lovely countryside walk with your four legged friend. Playing fetch with your dog, admiring the sights is one of life’s simplest treats. Isn’t it? However, they need to continue their walks even on wet and windy days after which muddy paws are unavoidable. These muddy paws can ruin your floor and you will have to clean it multiple times during the day. Not anymore! At Miracle Mat we understand the importance of a clean floor and hence, create the best mudroom rugs to keep your house spick and span at all times of the day.

best mudroom rugs

You must have realized by now, that doormats are not a lavish residential installation, they are a must. Floor mats offer all kinds of practical benefits to a homeowner.

But before we explore into the benefits of placing doormats in your home, let us first summarize a few tips for buying residential floor mats.

Door Mat basics

One of the main factors that you must consider when purchasing floor mats for your home is the material the mat is made of. There are many different types of mats but you can primarily identify them to being rubber doormats, fabric mats, and vinyl matting. And different materials offer diverse functional advantages to the user. Another important factor to consider is the size and color of the doormat. You need to first consider the area of placement to decide which color will complement the décor. Other key factors include the longevity, cost of the mat, and other specific functional features, such as in insulation.

Benefits of buying doormats

Floor Safety

Floor mats make sure that your floors are safe by providing grip on slippery surfaces. These types of doormats are called anti-slip matting solutions. The Miracle Mats are well known for the traction they provide. Anti-slip matting doormats come with distinctive design features comprising of ridges and rough surfaces for gripping the floor so that you do not accidentally slip and fall. Anti-slip doormats can also offer some or all of the other functional advantages including floor cleanliness, aesthetic appeal, ergonomic benefits etc.

Floor Cleanliness

dog paw cleaning mat A good doormat keeps the interiors of the house clean. Entrance doormats are installed across the doorway for scraping outdoor dirt from your shoes as well the dirty pet paws. Miracle Mats come with special design feature for trapping dirt, moisture, snow, and other stepped on outdoor debris. They ensure that the interior of the house remains clean and hygienic. Miracle Mats trap 95% or more of the mud and dirt the moment it is STEPPED on! It is the best dog paw cleaning mat you can ever get your feet on.


Insulated floor mats are used to provide warmth in residential as well as commercial / industrial settings. These comprise of heating element that generates heat when connected to an electrical source. Therefore, heated mats provide benefits at home by creating a cozy environment, which promotes the health and wellbeing of your family. However, the consumption of electricity and other technical issues can lead it to be useless.

Doormats can enhance the décor of a house. You can look for a doormat according to the color scheme of your home. However, you must not ignore essential features such as resistant to weather, mould, water, UV and fading, machine washable, unbreakable, anti-slip, and long life. A Miracle Mat is all this and much more. It is perfect for human feet and four little paws.


Contact us, if you're still looking for the perfect dog paw cleaning mat. Simply use the search option on our website and enter ‘best doormats for dogs'. Happy shopping!

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