Miracle Mat – Your Ultimate Solution To Clean Floors!

Miracle Mat is not an ordinary mat. This incredible product actually stops 95% or more of the mud and dirt the moment it is STEPPED on! Notice the words are “stepped on” and not “wiped”. Hey, let’s face it, kids always forget to wipe their feet and pets don’t even know how! Miracle Mat is your answer to clean floors. No more kid prints or dog prints tracking through your house because Miracle Mat stops the mess in their tracks.

How Does Miracle Mat Work?

Blended with the perfect amount of microfibers and cotton, these fibers trap moisture, any wet or dry dirt, sand, kitty litter, or any other kinds of particles that come from shoes, bare feet, or pet paws. Like a fluffy cotton towel, the more the miracle mat is used, the better it works. The PVC-free rubber backing prevents water from soaking through and damaging your floors. More importantly, it holds the mat in place so it doesn’t slide anywhere and prevent it from doing it’s job.

Miracle Mat Washing Instructions

Here is how to wash Miracle Mat: Cleaning Miracle Mat is easy. Make sure to wash Miracle Mat right away. This takes care of any factory residue and extra fibers that all mudroom rugs and carpets have. It will also make it work much better… like the cotton towel we mentioned earlier, they just work better once they are washed a couple of times. Also, remember during the first couple of washes, there will be an excess of fibers that come off, (it’s completely normal). We recommend that you wash your miracle mat inside a pillow case and tie the loose end. Once the miracle mat is in use, make sure to shake it out on a regular basis like any other mat. Don’t be afraid to use your vacuum  to clean up any trapped dust or smaller particles. When you are ready to wash the mat, use regular detergent and set your washer on cold. Once the wash is finished, take it out of the pillow case and then hang up your miracle mat to dry. (Never put your Miracle Mat into the dryer!)

Product Sizes and Colors

Miracle mat comes in three different sizes and two different colors. The color choice are brown and grey.

The dimensions of the mat come in three different sizes.

Medium (18W x 29 1/2L),

Large (23 1/2W x 35 1/2L),

Runner (29 1/2W x 53L)


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