Tackling Messy Paws with Absorbent Mud Rugs and Mats for Dogs

Are you sick and tired of dirt being tracked through your home? What about finding paw prints from your dog all over your new cream carpets? It’s nice to have a pet, but it’s not so nice to get in from a long walk and have the home covered in dirt. We love our pets, but we don’t like the muck that comes with their paws. Unfortunately, there is no way to teach a dog to stop and wipe their paws - and now, you don’t have to.

No one likes clearing the mess left behind from the outside world, and no one likes a doormat that bunches up as you open the front door to get into the house. Instead of an ordinary, non-absorbent doormat, you need the Miracle Mat, an absorbent, non-slip mud rug that changes the game after a long walk with the dog!

Instead of wiping your feet as you walk into the house, the Miracle Mat mud rug has the ability to stop 95% of dirt from being tracked into your home from the moment you step on it. Your dog doesn’t know how to wipe his feet, and when it’s pouring with rain outside you don’t want to have to wipe their paws for them. Instead, this mud rug makes for the perfect solution all round. It’s the answer you need to a clean floor, and if you don’t want to use it as a front doormat, why not use it as a mud rug for dogs?

Mud Rug for Dogs

How Does It Work? - Mud Rug for Dogs

Microfibers and cotton blend together to form a little magic. Well, they blend together to trap moisture, wet and dry dirt, sand and any other debris that comes from shoes, paws and bare feet - and that’s almost the same as magicThere is a rubber backing made of PVC, which stops outside water from soaking through to your flooring. You also don’t have to worry about it bunching up and sliding around anymore; the rubber backing sees to that. The more you use your mud rug, the better it works!

How To Keep It Clean? - Mud Mat for Dogs

Before you lay your new mud rug down, you should wash it through. This can ensure that you aren’t dealing with extra fibers and factory residue all over your flooring. There will, of course, be a little bit of excess coming off the mat when you wash it for the first time, but it’s completely normal and it’s better for those to come off in the wash than all over your floor. Though the Miracle Mat isn’t like other mud rugs for dogs, it still needs to be shaken out from time to time so that all debris can be freed. Never put the mat into the dryer, but just air dry in the home or outside.

Mud rugs for dogs are an essential in a home with pets, and you can save yourself a big job of constantly cleaning the floors with a mud rug in your home.