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Miracle Mat



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Ideal for both indoor & outdoor use, outside on your deck or inside for the carpet in your home – your gonna love your Wonderbroom.

Sweeping – don’t worry about dust flicking all over, the 250 rubber bristles on your Wonderboom form a wall and catch all the debris like magic. Rubber fingers reach deep into the carpet pile to remove cat hair, dog hair, and things your vacuum hasn’t seen in years.

Scrub – durable rubber bristles can scrub concrete or a delicate pool liner. Passionately scrub wherever and whenever you like with your trusty Wonderbroom. It’s tough, with a gentle side.

Squeegee -Don’t cry over spilled milk, your Wonderboom has a built-in rubber squeegee blade to easily take care of spills. Your solution to cleaning windows is clear, scrub and squeegee surfaces everywhere and be amazed as you scrub, dry, and polish all in one pass.

Dishwasher – imagine putting your broom in the dishwasher… now you can with the Amazing Wonder Broom. Germs, Bacteria and other unimaginable get attached to traditional brooms, but do not let that bother you… The Wonderboom is naturally antibacterial and at 120 degrees gets sanitized each time you wash it so keep your Wonderbroom close and clean with confidence.

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